Self  Laminating Pouches

We have a wide range of Self Seal and Cold Seal Laminating Pouches. These are great for protecting papers & card items. Self Seal Pouches are similar to encapsulation pouches. The only difference is they dont need to be heated for them to work. We call them cold seal pouches. They are available in various sizes from Credit Card size to aA6, A5, A4 size.

Used by many schools and companies for protecting documents by using these laminating pouches. Just remove the protective cover to reveal the sticky side of the pouch. Insert your card and pull over the sticky side, seal your sheet and it will be  protected. Each side of your sheet will be protected by a clear sheet of plastic. As your sheet is slightly smaller than the plastic this also gives a protective boarder and sealing your sheet in to make it water resistant.

Self Seal Pouches, Encapsulation Pouches, Cold seal pouches.

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