Transparent Frosted Cards

From 50p each

These are opaque business cards or opaque plastic cards.


Clear Business Cards5 - 5£1.99 as price per unit
Clear Business Cards6 - 10£1.95 as price per unit
Clear Business Cards11 - 20£1.90 as price per unit
Clear Business Cards21 - 49£1.75 as price per unit
Clear Business Cards50 - 99£1.25 as price per unit
Clear Business Cards100 - 249£1.00 as price per unit
Clear Business Cards250 - 499£0.60 as price per unit
Clear Business Cards500 - 999£0.50 as price per unit
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Clear business Cards

We believe we have the best Clear Business Cards Printing Services. This gives you something different to hand out rather than the standard card business cards. We only use quality stock for all our plastic business cards. Our templates are easy to use, just choose one you like and enter your details. Or use our blank template and design your own, upload your own logos and details. You can upload an image for the background or you can just email us your design for your business cards. If you don’t have a design we may be able to design this for you free of charge depending on the size of order. Clear business cards can only be printed one side of the card. When we print these they are printed in reverse like looking in a mirror. So when printed on the reverse they will show through the front the right way round.

We have a wide range of card business cards, form luxury style duplex and triplex business cards. But if you require something different. Why not have your business cards printed onto aluminium or even an opaque plastic cards. These give a totally different business card and that wow factor for when you are handing them out.