Medium Badge Pockets Landscape

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These are clear flexible ID Badge Pocket to take insert size W90mm x H60mm, these are ideal to be used with lanyards, badge clip and badge reels for work, conferences and exhibitions. We have other sizes in our shop.


Name Range Discount
Medium ID Pocket 10 - 99 £0.28 as price per unit
Medium ID Pocket 100 - 999 £0.17 as price per unit
Medium ID Pocket 1000 - 2999 £0.15 as price per unit
Medium ID Pocket 3000 - 10000 £0.14 as price per unit
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Medium ID Badge Pockets Landscape 60 x 90mm

ID Badge Pockets made from clear vinyl plastic. ID Card Pocket and are available in 5 sizes for name badges. Please refer to the suggested insert size to get an idea of the size insert you need. The sizes are the actual insert size to be used and not the overall size. These make great Name Badge Pockets. You may need some badge clips or lanyards to go with these pocket id card holders.

Pocket id card holders are great with a lanyard and for protecting and showing off your identity card.

Please see details below.

Medium ID Badge Pockets actual size 88mm high x 97mm wide suggested insert size 60 x 90mm
Large ID Pocket actual size 104mm high x 109mm wide suggested insert size 80 x 100mm
XL ID Pocket actual size 122mm high x 115mm wide suggested insert size 105 x 110mm
A 6 ID Pocket actual size 172mm high x 110mm wide suggested insert size 152 x 108mm
Medium Portrait ID Pocket actual size 105mm x 68mm wide suggested size 90 x 60mm
Clear badge pockets,

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