Business Card Adhesive Pocket

£20.99 Per Box of 100

These are self-adhesive Business Card adhesive pockets opening on the long edge and will take a sheet of paper 90 x 60mm ideal for use in books and wallets for holding business, credit, or membership cards. All you need to do is peel them off the backing sheet and stick them to your item.

Boxed in 100’s @ £16.99 per 100

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Self Adhesive business card pocket

Self Adhesive Business Card Pockets or credit card, need another size see below insert size 60 x 90mm with thumb cut for easier access. These come 4 to a sheet. Also great for Slimmers world self adhesive pocket and weight watchers self adhesive pockets. These self adhesive business card pockets are also great for membership cards. Just stick them on the cover of what you want.

700015 Business Card/Credit Card Insert Size (55mm x 85mm) Opening Short Edge
700015 Business Card/Credit CardInsert Size (85mm x 55mm) Opening Long Edge
700014 A8 Insert Size (92mm x 62mm) Opening Short Edge
700014L A8 Insert Size (62mm x 92mm) Opening Long Edge
700013 A7 Insert Size (110mm x 76mm) Opening Short Edge
700013L A7 Insert Size (76mm x 110mm) Opening Long Edge
700012 A6 Insert Size (107mm x 150mm) Opening Short Edge
700012L A6 Insert Size (150mm x 107mm) Opening Long Edge
700011 A5 Insert Size (210mm x 150mm) Opening Short Edge
700011L A5 Insert Size (150mm x 210mm) Opening Long Edge
700010 A4 Insert Size (297mm x 210mm) Opening Short Edge
700042 Triangle Pocket Insert Size (100mm x 100mm)
700021 Triangle Pocket Insert Size (180mm x 180mm)

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Weight 200 g