Triangle Pocket (180mm x 180mm) 700021

£19.00 Per Pack of 100

These are self adhesive corner pockets and measure 18cm and are ideal for use in books and wallets for holding pieces of paper. All you need to do is peel them of the backing sheet and stick them to your item.

Sold in packs of 100 @£17.00 per 100

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self adhesive corner pocket

Self Adhesive Corner Pockets, These are great to be stuck on the inside of folder and books. Great when you want to keep documents in the same place. These can also be used at school to keep your paper work in in your school folder. Please see the list below of the different sizes we stock.

700015 Business Card/Credit Card Insert Size (55mm x 85mm) Opening Short Edge
700015 Business Card/Credit CardInsert Size (85mm x 55mm) Opening Long Edge
700014 A8 Insert Size (92mm x 62mm) Opening Short Edge
700014L A8 Insert Size (62mm x 92mm) Opening Long Edge
700013 A7 Insert Size (110mm x 76mm) Opening Short Edge
700013L A7 Insert Size (76mm x 110mm) Opening Long Edge
700012 A6 Insert Size (107mm x 150mm) Opening Short Edge
700012L A6 Insert Size (150mm x 107mm) Opening Long Edge
700011 A5 Insert Size (210mm x 150mm) Opening Short Edge
700011L A5 Insert Size (150mm x 210mm) Opening Long Edge
700010 A4 Insert Size (297mm x 210mm) Opening Short Edge
700042 Triangle Pocket Insert Size (100mm x 100mm)
700021 Triangle Pocket Insert Size (180mm x 180mm)

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